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    Signing Department is Open for Business.

Business Signs Services

Looking to set your business apart from the crowd? Tell us what is unique about your company and we will design a custom business sign for you. Our designers will work within the constraints of your business or service location requirements, creating a custom sign that will indicate the professional standard of excellence you maintain.

First impressions are everything. A classy carved business sign can make the difference between no customer and a successful deal. Even before they reach the door, people entering your place of business will look at your carved business sign and sense the pride you take in your company.

We are not just creating you a sign we are creating you an image!

Invest in long-term advertisement by getting durable business signs. Traditional carved wood signs have to contend with the adverse effects of exposure which cause warping, water damage and fading. Our signs are made to last for many years and last in all kinds of weather

If our gallery inspires you to create your own custom business sign, contact us and our design staff will work closely with you to make your ideas a reality. Your new custom carved sign is the key to upgrade the image of your successful business. 
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    Home Signing Department is Open for Business

Home Sign Service

Take pride in being a homeowner. A custom made hand-carved sign will make visitors to your home feel welcome, as well as telling them what makes your family unique. Even a small custom house number sign, will reflect how much you care and enjoy your home or property.

The variety is endless when it comes to custom house signs. Maybe your home is a historic building. In that case your house sign should blend with the architecture. Perhaps your house is set back from the road so your custom house sign will need a post and a wrought iron hanger. Would you like a favorite dog or cat featured on your house sign? Email us some pictures, and we will design your house sign, working with you at every step of the process.

What makes American Made Products of Texas different from other custom house sign businesses? We can make just about any kind of sign you want. Our specialty is three dimensional signs - carved and sculpted to give life to the artwork on your sign. Our signs are truly crafted masterpieces that will set your home apart.

Our signs are not only beautiful, but also durable. At American Made Products of Texas we use the highest quality material available to sign-makers, High-Density Urethane (HDU), which looks and feels like wood, but will not split, crack, rot or warp. Our house signs will not require yearly refinishing and maintenance as a wood sign does.

You are free to contact us with any question at; or call us at 830-226-5408
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    Speaker Boxes Custom 
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